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Product Description

Designed from the ground up for virtualized environments, Dell’s modern storage architecture is scalable, easily enhanced, and uncoupled from the limitations of any legacy architecture with intelligent tiering and innovative licensing. It offers the ability to deeply integrate across the Dell enterprise end-to-end portfolio, deploying common technologies across a family of storage products.

Dell Storage leverages state-of-the-art technologies to help you maximize efficiency while slashing storage costs by converging servers and storage. Some businesses are expanding their existing SAN and NAS infrastructure while others are deploying software-defined storage (SDS) solutions with hypervisor-integrated systems and open-source solutions. Dell and its partners enable you to choose the best approach for your data center and evolve at a pace that meets your business needs. To meet the demands of I/O intensive workloads, Dell’s unique Data Progression technologies enable performance-optimized flash at the price of a hard disk solution. To run your business, Dell can help you achieve a balance of price and performance with your virtualized or traditional IT environments that can leverage the investments you’ve already made, thereby reducing your TCO. Lastly, a Dell cost-optimized solution is ideal for your cold data storage as it will allow you to reduce the overall cost of supporting your data.

Dell Storage SC Series Self-optimized, intelligent enterprise storage
Enterprise-class performance designed for business resultsdell-compellent-sc8000

Dell Storage SC Series, including the Compellent™ SC8000, Dell Storage SC4020, Dell Storage SCv2000 Series and the new enterprise-ready Dell Storage SC9000 offers versatility and ongoing economic value for today’s most demanding data center environments. Built on a virtualized, scalable pool of disks for block and file data, the flexible Storage Center architecture supports various drive configurations including all-flash, hybrid-flash and traditional spinning disk solutions for enterprise block- and file-oriented workloads.

Automated intelligent data tiering dynamically places hot data on high-performance drives and cold data on high-capacity drives, allowing you to maximize application performance without straining your budget or sacrificing capacity.

With tiering between both write- and read-intensive SSDs, as well as less expensive HDDs and automated provisioning and optimization of RAID levels, Dell’s patented Data Progression technology yields flash performance and can even cost less than traditional spinning disk solutions.
In addition, intuitive and automated tools and reporting help you minimize time spent configuring storage. And Dell’s innovative approach to services (including ProSupport and award-winning Copilot offerings) ensures your deployment will go smoothly, aligning directly with your business needs.


Dell Storage PS Series Unified, virtualized storage
Performance and efficiency simplified for the real worldDell PS Series

Built on an advanced, peer-scaling EqualLogic™ storage architecture, the Dell Storage PS Series simplifies the deployment and administration of consolidated storage environments, enabling efficient enterprise scalability for both performance and capacity without forklift upgrades. Its powerful, intelligent and simplified management improves productivity and streamlines IT infrastructure through unified block and file storage capabilities.

To address demanding workloads for small to midsized companies, the PS Series offers high-performing all-flash and hybrid arrays, powered by newly designed controllers and enhanced software. The PS Series products include a comprehensive software portfolio with easy-to-use array software, host integration tools and all-inclusive licensing. In addition, the PS Series arrays are interoperable and can be mixed and matched to build tiered storage within a single storage pool or across multiple pools.

The more you depend on technology, the more important it is to have the right support

With the Dell ProSupport Enterprise Suite, you get the most out of your investment with the support expertise and insights Dell is known for across the globe. The Dell ProSupport Enterprise Suite doesn’t just extend your IT team, It offers:

  • Flexibility to choose the right support based on the criticality of specific systems
  • A single point of contact for all your hardware and software issues
  • Broad and deep experience that goes beyond a single system
  • Proactive, automated tools and innovative technology
  • Consistent experience regardless of where you’re located or what language you speak

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