Dell Server – PowerEdge Series

Dell Server – PowerEdge Series

The 13th generation of Dell PowerEdge servers
Empower your business with the latest innovations

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Product Description

Get faster application performance with flash storage everywhere

Faster data access means faster application performance and Dell’s latest servers are all about fast data access. With many new flash-capable configurations — including ultrahigh performance PowerEdge Express Flash NVMe PCIe SSDs and extraordinary performance from the Dell Fluid Cache for SAN — the next generation of Dell servers boosts performance for latency sensitive workloads.

Maximize your data center efficiency with solutions optimized for virtual storage

Dell’s new server designs and systems management enhancements have been engineered with the emerging software-defined storage paradigm squarely in mind. In-box tiered storage and hybrid flash/rotational storage configurations are ideal for virtual storage area network (VSAN) and Microsoft Storage Spaces solutions.

Grow your data center or cloud easily with scale out server/storage solutions

Agility is a competitive edge that Dell PowerEdge servers can give your infrastructure. The dense, storage rich, easily deployed and managed platforms let data centers react quickly to the dynamic demands of thriving businesses — for both processing and storage needs.

Manage from anywhere with more automation, at-the-box access and mobile devices

Dell OpenManage continues to lead the industry in making enterprise management easier and more efficient with remote smart device monitoring via Dell OpenManage Mobile, and innovative at-the-box management options including one-tap Quick Sync health monitoring.

Consolidate your resources with much denser virtualization environments

Saving space, energy and cost is an everyday challenge for data centers. The huge memory footprints and scalable storage resources across the portfolio of Dell PowerEdge servers provide a wide range of virtualization options for consolidating servers and pooling data.

State-of-the-art innovations accelerate workloads, Save time and cost on day-to-day operations

Flash feeds data to I/O starved applications: All Flash configurations, such as the R630 with 24 x 1.8" SSDs, can give up to 240 percent greater local storage performance.

  • Ideal for 85 to 90 percent Oracle® RAC environments
  • Better server utilization by eliminating data I/O bottleneck
  • Utilize backend storage for capacity instead of performance

Hybrid storage capacity and performance: Designed for workloads which require a mix of flash and high capacity local storage, such as standalone databases.

  • Low latency SSDs better enable virtualization of SQL and can speed transactions by three to 10 times
  • Flash and capacity storage are necessary for I/O intensive applications like Apache™ Hadoop®.

SDS for more efficient disk utilization:Software-defined storage provides just-in-time provisioning, improved disk utilization, higher availability levels and multi-tenant support.

  • Built-in capability for both high speed buffering/caching and low cost, high capacity storage make the perfect building block for environments that need scalable performance
  • I/O expansion and selectable high performance networking to support extensive storage virtualization

Dell Fluid Cache for SAN:Delivers extraordinary application response time coupled with on-the-fly scalability, while ensuring data integrity with write-back caching and full coherency with Dell Compellent SAN storage.

SanDisk® DAS Cache:Server-level storage I/O application acceleration solution enables increased performance for latency sensitive workloads and maximizes resources by leveraging SSDs across the entire server storage infrastructure.

Innovative systems management simplifies and automates, Save time and cost on day-to-day operations

“ZeroTouch” automated deployment: Dell servers are discovered and auto-configured over the network from XML files stored on network shares.

  • No need for manual configuration, reducing deployment time and entry errors
  • Rack, cable and walk away. No special technician training required

Automated server updates: Dell servers synchronize baselines stored on network shares.

  • Greatly simplifies keeping server firmware up-to-date
  • Latest updates are always staged in the server, ready to be applied, reducing maintenance windows

Automated technical support: iDRAC maintains a continuously updated health status report by monitoring and recording over 5,000 key parameters.

  • Supplements operations with Dell ProSupport and SupportAssist.
  • Reduces time to identify and resolve server issues

Simplified “at-the-server” management: Maintain Dell server as easy as possible.

  • Deploy, configure and troubleshoot servers with all the information you need at your fingertips.
  • Connect a laptop to manage and diagnose via the powerful iDRAC management interface

The more you depend on technology, the more important it is to have the right support

With the Dell ProSupport Enterprise Suite, you get the most out of your investment with the support expertise and insights Dell is known for across the globe. The Dell ProSupport Enterprise Suite doesn’t just extend your IT team, It offers:

  • Flexibility to choose the right support based on the criticality of specific systems
  • A single point of contact for all your hardware and software issues
  • Broad and deep experience that goes beyond a single system
  • Proactive, automated tools and innovative technology
  • Consistent experience regardless of where you’re located or what language you speak

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