Cisco Catalyst Switches

Cisco switches scale to meet the needs of networks of all sizes.

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Product Description

Cisco Campus LAN Switches – Core and Distribution, also known as Cisco Catalyst Switches for campus distribution and core, provide the intelligence Network Switch. Cisco Catalyst switches bring wired and together to more easily deploy mobility, strengthen security, and simplify your network. They help you increase scale, improve reliability, and create greater efficiency.

Protect your investment with Cisco Multigigabit Ethernet technology. You can increase your network’s bandwidth without costly and disruptive upgrades to existing cables.

High availability features help ensure nonstop connectivity and business continuit. In-service software upgrades virtually eliminate downtime for update, while the virtual switching system (VSS) enables two active switches to appear as one, with a single point of management.

Application Visibility
Cisco Flexible NetFlow technology helps enable customers to view traffic flows granularly to the application level. Greates control over flow data helps speed reponses to mitigate attacks, adjust bandwidth provisioning and enable continuous monitoring.

Simplified Monitoring
Cisco Catalyst SmartOperations brings together a set of technologies and Cisco IOS Software features to simplify network planning, deployment, monitoring and troubleshooting, lowering IT operations costs and total cost of ownership.

Cisco Smart Net Total Care Service:
Smart Net Total Care helps solve problems faster, improves operational efficiency, and reduces the risk of downtime. It gives you more time to focus on business innovation while proactively supporting your infrastructure.

What You Get:

  • Global, 24-hour access to Cisco Technical Assistance Center for covered devices
  • Advance Hardware Replacement--Including 2-hour, 4-hour and next business day options
  • 24-hour access to Cisco online resources
  • Comprehensive, web-based user community for self-service support of smart capabilities
  • Proactive diagnostic and immediate alerts on devices enabled with Smart Call home