Ruckus Unleashed, The Controller-less Access Point Solution for SMB

Ruckus Unleashed pics

Ruckus Unleashed, The Controller-less Access Point Solution for SMB

Ruckus Unleashed. Not an IT expert? Or maybe you are, but still want a Wi-Fi network that’s easy to deploy and even easier to manage?

Ruckus Unleashed™Access Points, a solution for SMBs, allows you to deploy a controller-less WLAN network in minutes, giving you time to focus on other business priorities. And if your business needs grow, you can easily leverage your existing Unleashed investments to seamlessly upgrade to Ruckus’ controller-based management platform.

You’ve heard it’s easy (and did we mention affordable), now see for yourself. Check out Ruckus’ Unleashed videos, featuring Unleashed deployment and setting up guest access.


Ruckus Unleashed pics


IT Management

  • Easily deploy up to 25 access points with little to no IT personnel
  • Safeguard client connectivity and productivity with smart redundancy in case of a fail over
  • Keep Wi-Fi available even during broadband downtime
  • Leverage best-in-class RF performance with BeamFlex+, PD-MRC, and ChannelFly


User Experience

  • Deliver a fast and reliable Wi-Fi experience to your customers
  • Deploy a seamless wireless experience with Hotspot/WISPr in minutes
  • Quickly and securely on board users to guest network with guest pass, email or SMS
  • Engage users through Social Wi-Fi login such as Facebook, Google+, and Twitter


Business Impact

  • Eliminate costs and license fees associated with a controller architecture
  • Scale your business with an easy migration to Ruckus ZoneDirector, SmartZone, or future platforms
  • Build brand equity through customizable captive portals

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