Internet Solutions for Hospitality

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Internet Solutions for Hospitality

While guest Internet bandwidth consumption has long been an issue in hospitality, it is currently at an all-time high. Fast, seamless Internet access is no longer a luxury for the hospitality industry –it’s a must-have. A poor experience with Internet quality can break the guest experience. For this reason, hotels are under increasing pressure to meet the demands being placed upon them by guests who carry multiple devices (BYOD) and want to surf the Web, play video games or stream movies –activities that all use a lot of bandwidth.

From hotels to convention centers, the hospitality industry is under continuous pressure to provide guests with fast and seamless Internet access. Beyond just the sheer number of visitors that pass through these establishments every day, the majority of these visitors carry multiple mobile devices that all demand Internet connections. As a result, hospitality entities must find solutions to accommodate this insatiable demand for bandwidth and keep their customers satisfied.

The desire to track and report on Internet bandwidth usage by application type, by location–such as lobby, restaurant or conference room–and by time of day has only increased for hoteliers” said Nomadix Chief Commercial and Operating Officer Fred Reeder.

When it comes to purchasing technology solutions for the hospitality industry, one size does not fit all. Each deployment has unique requirements based on factors such as the design and quality of the building, available Internet Service Provider quality of service, clientele and service expectations.

Internet access is one of the most important technology implementations in the hospitality industry, as guests have come to expect an Internet experience akin, or better, to their home or office–yet Internet access can also be one of the most problematic issues. Many hotels are challenged to keep up with the bandwidth demands being placed upon them. In fact, the quality of Internet service remains the top problem experienced by hotel guests, and it has the biggest impact on customer satisfaction, according to the J.D. Power 2013 North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index Study.

Add to this the undeniable growth in, and reliance upon, Internet connections in everything from health monitors, gaming and video devices, social media and conferencing applications, e-commerce sites, and more–and you have guests walking into a hotel with weighty bandwidth demands. In-property Wi-Fi was once the benchmark for a good visitor experience, but simply providing access is not enough. The quality of the Internet experience, with the ability to provide needed performance for more connections and high-bandwidth applications, is driving the hospitality industry to reassess their network services to increase guest satisfaction.

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