Benefit of Cloud Wireless LAN

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Benefit of Cloud Wireless LAN

Many Small – Medium Business don’t have on-site IT staff or engineers to implement and manage a wireless LAN. Engineers who are well-trained and experienced in designing, deploying, troubleshooting and maintaining enterprise-class Wi-Fi network are still fairly scarce and expensive. By Outsourcing the Wireless LAN service to third party, company can now focus to their core business and saving more cost, this is called Managed Cloud Wireless LAN.

Managed Cloud Wireless LAN services are managed service solution designed for customer wants to turn their infrastructure from capital expenses to operational expenses. Managed Cloud Wireless LAN solutions encompass a flexible and scale-able wireless LAN (WLAN) and productivity boosting applications to improve user productivity and lower operating expenses.

The Benefit of Managed Cloud Wireless LAN Service
Businesses are challenged by a lack of human and capital resources. IT and network engineering departments are considered to be cost centers and must, therefore, prove their value. They are being asked to:

  • Simplify their end-to-end communications solutions through a “one-stop” shop
  • Reduce communications hardware and software capital expense (CapEx)
  • Offload network support requirements from limited internal IT staff

Managed Cloud Wireless LAN services provide an all-in-one, easy solution for setting up, monitoring and operating Wireless LAN services. Picture below shows the top reasons why businesses choose managed services
Cloud Wireless LAN illustration

Managed Cloud Wireless LAN service allow businesses to outsource the day-to-day operation of network links specially WiFi and equipment and ensure network availability. Managed Cloud Wireless LAN is bigger and more robust than in-house networks, leading to greater reliability and resiliency with industry-average service-level agreements promising 99.99 percent availability thanks to Cloud Technology.

Enterprise Grade AP – WLAN
Managed Cloud Wireless LAN uses the same high quality access point radio design and components expected in all Ruckus access points – including the latest 802.11ac. This assures customer support for all the Wi-Fi devices, employees, guests and customers throughout their facility with the highest quality and most reliable and secure connections
Enjoy the power of management without the need to purchase or manage a controller.

Report and Monitoring
Monitoring and managing every aspect of a wireless network is straightforward with Managed Cloud Wireless LAN, thanks to its intuitive and simple-to-grasp interface. It takes the volumes of information about the access points and radios, as well as data from all of the wireless LAN s and their connecting mobile devices, and presents everything in easy-to-understand screens.

Responsive Support
Cloud Technology provide support to customer whenever their Wi-Fi needs it (including evenings and weekends). This means customers can be assured of minimum disruption and downtime to Wi-Fi’s performance.

Financial Benefit of Managed Wi-Fi Service
In an environment of financial and service pressures, success means achieving resilient and efficient. For organizations looking to balance savings without sacrificing quality, managed services provide for assured and efficient service delivery with reduced ownership cost and risk. While customers retain control of their operations, we provide the means to ensure critical or budget-constrained services are available, achieving value for money and delivering financial and service benefits.

Managed Cloud Wireless LAN offers enterprise-grade access points at industry leading low prices. Flexible network configurations, some deployments can be created without additional licenses or hardware – simplifying deployments and providing attractive pricing for the small business.

Managed Cloud Wireless LAN is designed to:

  • Reduce capital expenditure and eliminate unpredictable costs
  • Improve operations through efficient processes and reduced cost of ownership
  • Minimize risk and ensure delivery of a consistent service
  • Remove the need for day-to-day management of infrastructure promoting more efficient and effective use of technical staff
  • Have the flexibility to scale up or down as your organization’s needs change, for maximum cost-benefit
  • Access cost-effective, best-of-breed technology while removing the need for upfront capital investment and its related risk.

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