Month of Security: Your Network might be in DANGER!

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Securing the data on your network may not seem very important to you until you lose your data or the privacy of your data content because you have no security on your network.

Network security should be a high priority when considering a network setup due to the growing threat of hackers trying to infect as many computers possible. For corporations, security is important to prevent industry sabotage and espionage. Imagine what can happen if there is a network integrity breach at a bank, stock exchange, or other financial data base.

In a January 2016 article in Forbes magazine it reported that estimated by 2019 the global cost of cyber crime would reach 2 trillion US dollars per annum. It is no longer an acceptable risk for a business not to have the Information Security Management System Standard ISO 27001 (or equivalent) in place. Losses from cyber security breaches are a clear and present danger.

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It is important that you have protection so that you are not gambling on the fact that your important information / data will never be stolen. You don’t want the consequences of cyber crimes.

Companies like Fortinet have a wide range of products and is one of many leaders in industry in Data/IT security.
Fortinet Firewall and UTM (Unified Threat Management) can prevent malicious attacks and reduce the risk of cyber crimes. While no network is ever 100% immune to attack, having a reliable network security system in place will greatly reduce the risk of a security breach that can compromise your system. [IRS]

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