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How to evaluate UTM solutions

January 29, 2018Categories: News.

The right evaluate UTM will let you focus on business, not threats. But how do you know which solution is best?

As the owner, or key business leader, of a small or medium business, you have a tremendous responsibility—not just for the success of the organization but also for the livelihood of those who work there. As a result, your number 1 (as well as number 2 and 3) responsibility is the financial viability, growth, and profitability of the endeavor. You must determine the right strategic course for the organization, empower your employees, and ensure they have the technology necessary to do their jobs. That means embracing mobility and personal devices in the workplace, utilizing cloud services to reduce cost and increase business agility, welcoming a growing number of Internet-connected devices onto the network, and more. Yet each new technology brings a new risk at a time when cyber crime—phishing, ransomware and more—continues to grow. And at this stage of the business, any significant security incident that leads to downtime or lost customer data can have major consequences. Even spending substantial time managing a growing number of networking and security products takes attention away from organizational goals. So, as a business leader, how do you ensure that your business is protected while still enabling it to grow? One way is to find a quality unified threat management (UTM) solution that not only stops cyber threats from entering your network but also simplifies your network, freeing up time and money to drive the business.


Here are four things to look for before choosing:

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Why Fortinet ?

The requirements above are exactly what has driven the evolution of Fortinet’s original Unified Threat  Management appliance to become the more powerful Connected UTM it is today, enabling business productivity and mitigating security risks. Fortinet delivers enterprise-grade security, right-sized for small and midsize businesses, that has earned the most independent validation in the industry. Rigorously tested by NSS Labs, Virus Bulletin, AV-Comparatives, and many more, Fortinet consistently demonstrates high security effectiveness. At the same time, Fortinet offers the broadest integrated portfolio that includes the full set of security services and networking capabilities on the UTM device as well as dedicated, but still integrated, security components—like secure email gateways or web application firewalls— and networking devices to ensure that everything works well together. This enables you to extend your initial investment with more robust enterprise-class capability as your business grows. And the Fortinet FortiGate installs in minutes, comes with default, recommended security settings, and receives regular threat intelligence updates from our FortiGuard Labs to keep you protected. Little ongoing management is typically required, and additional components like switches are automatically discovered and controlled from the same UI. This preserves your precious headcount to focus on business success. Fortinet is clearly the UTM of choice all around the world, selling and shipping the most devices of any vendor by far. To date, 3 million Fortinet devices have been delivered to protect businesses large and small all around the world.

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