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Building a network and keeping up with changes just in the enterprise itself – new offices, applications and personnel – is a full time effort. Add to this the changes in technology and products and it’s no wonder why IT departments are overwhelmed. But there’s another factor that even more demanding – keeping up with the attacks against an organization’s network and trying to prevent the catastrophic damage that they can cause.

It’s Not Just for the Other Guy
It’s not just the large, well-known companies that are under attack, it’s the largest enterprise and smallest SME alike. Whether a targeted attack or an exploratory probe, you can be sure that someone, somewhere, has the network in its sights. In this atmosphere, knowing the security readiness of your network is crucial, or more precisely knowing its security readiness at that point in time.
With an ever changing threat landscape, a network’s security readiness will also change. In fact, the security readiness of a network is never static, even in the best of times. The key is to understand the factors that have an impact on it and the steps that can be taken to maintain, or ideally improve it.

The Security Landscape
According to market research firm IDC, there are a number of stages that a company can experience based on their security readiness. Although some of these different stages can seem to be associated with company size, any organization can experience any of these stages at any point in time. What’s important to remember is that whichever stage a company is currently “in” is only temporary – internal and externals factors will influence in which direction a company can rise or fall. Based on these factors, which also includes IT spend, a company has to decide the level of risk they are willing to accept – for example, is the cost savings of a reduced IT spend worth the increased risk of experiencing a data breach?

Find Your Place
Fortinet can help any organization navigate their way through the different levels of security readiness, regardless of where they currently are and where they would like to be. With solutions specifically designed for both the SME and large enterprise, Fortinet is able to meet the needs of every organization according to their budget. But as organizations grow and change so do their security needs. Fortinet’s unparalleled breadth and depth of solutions, in a number of different form factors, allow a company to cost effectively move from one level to another, increasing their security readiness and reducing their exposure to a successful network attack and subsequent data breach.

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  • IT Security Maturity Scape: Five Stages of IT Security
  • Tackling Businesses’ Most Wanted: Security

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